The Wedding Singer

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The Wedding Singer


Music by Matthew Sklar

Lyrics by Chad Beguelin

Book by Chad Beguelin and Tim Herlihy

Based on the 1998 Film featuring Adam Sandler

Directed by Luke Brown


Jan 10 – 25, 2014


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The Wedding Singer, the musical based on the popular film starring Adam Sandler, is the story of Robbie Hart, a wedding singer whose own luck in love leaves him desolate, blind to the perfect woman standing right in front of him. Chock full of salutes to 80s pop culture, The Wedding Singer transports us to the New Jersey shore to find true love in a sea of tulle, layered cakes and first dances.





Three week run:

Week 1: Fri. & Sat, 8 pm
Week 2: Wed. – Sat., 8 pm
Week 3: Wed. – Sat., 8 pm & Sat., 2 pm


Postshow Chats: Sat., Jan. 11 and Thurs., Jan. 16, 2014
Preshow Chat: Sat., Jan. 25, 2014, 1 pm


Adults: $28 / Seniors: $17 / Students: $15


$10 Student tickets every Wednesday
$17 Alumni tickets every Thursday


Buy Tickets

UofTtix Box Office
/ 416.978.8849

Student Matinees

Hart House Theatre offers student matinees at the low price of $15 per student, and complementary tickets for teachers and chaperones.


For more information and to book a performance please call the Box Office at 416.978.8849.


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Director’s Notes


Luke BrownAh, the ‘80s! A simpler time; Michael Jackson was black and considered the sort of individual you’d like to have babysit your children. The battle was still raging on as to who would have the more successful solo career – George Michael or the other guy from Wham! It was the decade that saw personal computers, the Walkman, cell phones and home video become widely available. It was a strange and hilarious decade* that set the stage for where we are today.


It’s easy to look back and laugh at a decade that is safely in the past, to mock questionable fashion choices, ridiculous commercials and cheesy music. Hindsight is 20/20, though, and it is safe to say that in 30 years there will be a musical set in 2014 that will make endless fun of reality TV and our lack of flying cars.


A lot of people were wrapped up in the idea of being rich and powerful, and the ‘yuppie’ movement arose. But some, like Robbie and Julia, don’t fit into that mold” – Chad Beguelin


The writing team decided to contrast the more traditional values possessed by Robbie and Julia with the mayhem of Wall Street in the ‘80s. Both of them still living in a small town with NYC visible in the distance, surrounded by people clinging to teenaged dreams of fame and fortune that every day are gradually becoming more and more unrealistic, while at the same time seeing others achieve levels of success that they can only dream of. In many ways, this show is about being an outsider and trying to fit in. In my life, I’ve met only a handful of people that feel that they fit in, that they’re where they should be in life, I think we can all relate.


You know what? It’s probably best you don’t overthink this. Just relax and enjoy the show.


Luke Brown, Director


*Research based on repeat viewings of Hot Tub Time Machine.




Rehearsal Photography – a peek at the performers as they rehearse The Wedding Singer