Call for submission – Sneaker Design Project

Hart House Sneaker Design Project


Where will your imagination take you with just a Sharpie and a pair of old sneakers? Hart House and Toronto Loves Kicks want to find out!


Image of a colourfull sneaker

Calling all students artists and sneaker lovers—submit your sneaker design by January 17, 2014, for a chance to have your creation displayed as part of the Sneaker Design Exhibit at Hart House from February 14 to 28, 2014. Sketches, or photos of completed sneakers, can be submitted!


Download the Registration Form, fill it out, and email the form and your design to, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to share your design.


About the Hart House Sneaker Design Project: Hart House and Toronto Loves Kicks (TLK) present this exciting initiative in support of active living, diversity, and an on-going dialogue on sport and culture. The Sneaker Design Project connects TLK’s love of footwear and commitment to positive youth engagement with Hart House’s core values of social responsibility, civic engagement and experiential learning for an inspiring event that calls on the skills and creativity of students.


Sneakers are a beloved and vital part of global culture with various meanings in multiple communities. From comfort wear to physical activity and hip hop music to urban culture trendsetting and youth identity, sneakers have taken a foothold in the world of fashion, culture and social capital. In the lead up to the Pan/Parapan Games, Hart House will investigate and explore the notion of the sneaker sub culture; how do sneakers make space for dialogue between developing countries and first world nations; marginalized voices and mainstream society, urban and suburban communities athletes and ordinary folks? The Pan Am/Parapan Games bring together multiple peoples in diverse sports within an environment that celebrates sports excellence, diversity and equity.


From athletes to urban communities to hip hop artists and suburban moms, sneakers have served as the gateway to greater awareness of fair trade working conditions, economic justice and the power of street culture to affect mainstream fashion. Sneakers, like the Pan Am Games themselves, celebrate a shared experience, diversity, identity and physical activity.


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