Clubs & Committees

Get Involved a Little or a Lot

Did you know that Hart House is your source of inspiration beyond the classroom?

Apply to join one of 28 Hart House Clubs and Committees and you can play an active role in empowering and enhancing the student experience. Lead the organization of events, from social gatherings and guest lectures to musical events and hands-on activities.

How much you chose to get involved is entirely up to you:


First Year Students: This is your opportunity to be a leader

Apply to join a Hart House Club or Committee and you could play a part in important initiatives, like planning a concert series in the Arbour Room, hosting a dialogue on sustainable economics with leading figures, helping the Theatre select its next season, developing tri-campus health and wellness events, or advancing a global initiative for food equity and sustainability.
With a seat for a first-year student on each of Hart House’s 10 student-led Standing Committees, this is the time to make a difference in the fields of: Alumni, Art, Debates, Farm, Finance, Literary & Library, Music, Recreational Athletics, Social Justice, and Theatre.

Submission Deadline:

Sept. 25, 2015 at midnight

More info & apply online >>

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Get InvolvedHart House clubs and committees have something for everyone, find the group that’s right for you. If you find an organization that you would like to be a part of, contact them directly for membership information.


Check out a concert, hit the stage or plan a musical event.

Music Committee
Chamber Strings
Jazz Choir – ‘Onoscatopoeia’
Jazz Ensemble
Symphonic Band

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Art & Creativity

Capture the world on film, express yourself or just explore the art world.

Literary and Library Committee
Theatre Committee

Camera Club
Hart House Players
Film Board
Art Committee

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Social Justice & Civic Engagement

Raise your voice, crunch the numbers or explore important issues through the arts.

Alumni Committee
Debates Committee
Finance Committee
Social Justice Committee

Debating Club
Finnish Exchange
Investment Club

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Farm & Food

Get in touch with nature, experience Canadian tradition with cider and maple syrup or cultivate an interest in gardening.

Farm Committee

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Wellness & Recreation

Challenge your mind, beat the stress or enhance your physical fitness.

Recreational Athletics Committee
Archery Club

Bridge Club
Underwater Club
Chess Club

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Membership is also available to non-students who wish to participate in a Club or Committee or would like to enjoy a reduced rate on our Creative Classes. Non-refundable one-year memberships are $182.69/year and $139.71/year for seniors (over 65 yrs).