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Hart House Library Summer Curator

May 9, 2014 – August 30, 2014


The Hart House Literary and Library Committee is seeking an enthusiastic and motivated individual to fill the role of Summer Curator of the Hart House Library–one of the most unique and inspiring libraries at the University of Toronto. The Summer Curator is responsible for the maintenance of the facility and its collection. Become a part of this wonderful tradition and make a difference in a truly amazing establishment.


  • Experience with the Hart House Literary & Library Committee is an asset
  • Experience working in a library and/or a demonstrated interest in literature and libraries
  • A current Library Sciences student is preferable
  • Ability to work well independently and with a team
  • Strong management and organizational skills
  • Familiarity with databases, searching, queries, data entry
  • Familiarity with Library Thing and social networking applications


  • Recruiting, coordinating, and managing volunteers to help maintain the Library
  • Identifying and executing improvement projects for the Library
  • Shelving and re-alphabetizing books
  • Labeling and cataloging new purchases and donations
  • Overseeing Library database program and insuring patrons’ comfort with its use
  • Seeing that damaged books are rebound
  • Designing showcases
  • Oversight of the Hart House Library’s social media presence including the blog, facebook, twitter, and website
  • Attending all Literary and Library Committee meetings
  • Reporting any issues to Programme Advisor as required
  • Other projects as agreed upon


The average time commitment is between 4–8 hours per week with a paid honorarium for this position.
Deadline to apply: May 5, 2014


Apply with a resume and cover letter via email to

Day Milman
Coordinator of Programme at Hart House
Subject line: Hart House Library Summer Curator



Hart House Student Ambassadors


Hart House is a living laboratory of social, artistic, cultural and recreational experiences where all voices, rhythms and traditions converge. As the vibrant home for the education of the mind, body and spirit envisioned by its founders, Hart House encourages and supports activities that provide spaces for awakening the capacity for self-knowledge and self-expression.

Are you outgoing, fearless and friendly? Do you love going to campus-wide events? Do you like trying new things and meeting new people? If so, we’re looking for you to become a Hart House Student Ambassador!
Hart House Student Ambassadors are a team that generates, supports and implements innovative ideas to engage students in Hart House events like Orientation month (September), Conscious Activism Documentary Series, Talking Walls, 5-Buck Lunch and much more. Ambassadors also write about Hart House events and experiences for our blog and other social media.

Be prepared to disrupt normal, redefine fun and creatively make your way through a year of unique experiences while gaining new skills as a Hart House Student Ambassador!



  1. Must be a U of T student – we appreciate diversity, all are welcome!
  2. Knowledge of and/or interest in Hart House programming activities
  3. Desire to learn about and contribute to student programming at Hart House and U of T


To apply, visit the U of T Career Centre. Once logged in, go to these postings:


Meet Last Year’s Ambassadors!

There are many U of T students who think of Hart House as their second home. These students attend all the events, like to get involved and especially love to tell their friends about the great time they’re having. You’ve probably already seen them around the House, and now’s your chance to get to know them. Meet our Student Ambassadors!
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Hart House Finance Committee Student Membership


Hart House’s Finance Committee provides opportunities to learn valuable skills in financial management by participating in conversations and decisions about budgetary and financial policies and issues. We welcome students from all disciplines (it’s an opportunity for students enrolled in finance-related degree programs to bring theory to practice; and we also provide educational training sessions for students without a financial background). Skills acquired through involvement as a committee member can be applied to both individual and organizational financial management. The Finance Committee mandate applies to all financial aspects of Hart House with particular focus on the following:


  • Participate in advising the Board of Stewards on policies that affect the financial management of the House
  • Analyze the annual budget
  • Make recommendations for the House’s long-range plans
  • Consider capital expense requests
  • Monitor financial operating performance
  • Oversee the annual audit process
  • Participate in the Audit Sub-Committee


To get involved, contact


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Hart House Theatre Volunteers


Discover the inner workings of live theatre. Get involved in the season’s programming including:

  • Four dramatic productions
  • Student festivals
  • Student and professional galas
  • Sound and lighting workshops and special events


Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Assistant Stage Managing
  • Running Crew
  • Set, Props and Costume Assistance
  • Marketing and Administrative Support


Join the blend of students and professionals, actors, playwrights, dancers, directors, musicians and technicians in a unique formal and informal educational opportunity. Be a part the University of Toronto’s Performing Arts Leader Since 1919.


For more information contact: Doug Floyd, General Manager, Hart House Theatre
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Clubs & Committees


To find a club or committee that speaks to your interests, visit our Clubs and Committees page with a complete list of all the clubs and committees as well as information about each one.

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